Friday, January 30, 2015

Valentine's Day Countdown

While scanning Pinterest, my favorite me-time activity, I came across this incredible idea for a Valentine Advent Calendar

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Although this was my first encounter with the Happy Home Fairy, this will certainly not be my last.  What a great idea this is!  My kids are always asking how many more days until whatever special event is next.  Since my birthday (mid January) they have been hounding me about Valentine's Day.  This perfect little printable from the HHF is just the ticket.

The printable consists of 15 Bible verses about love... and one very corny but cute joke.  In her blog post, she details how the verses can be used.
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I chose to use the verses for two purposes.

After printing and cutting out copies of the verses, I gathered my materials.
  • seasonally appropriate cardstock
  • heart stickers (dollar bin at Target)
  • tape
  • string
  • scissors

I cut out 14 hearts from the cardstock and affixed a verse to each heart.

I divided the pile of hearts and cut the sheet of stickers in two and gave one set to each of my kiddos.  They had fun decorating the hearts.

Once decorated, I suspended the hearts from our living room ceiling. 

The plan is to have the children select one heart to pull down from the ceiling each night, beginning Feb 1 and ending Feb 14.  We will use the heart during devotional time by reading the verse and discussing how it applies to our lives.  We will also reinforce counting with our youngest as he counts the remaining hearts each day. 

The second way we will use these verses is by cutting them out and passing a card along to each person at services the Sunday before Valentine's Day.  We may even add a chocolate heart.  How fun to share God's love with others!  I also look forward to the experience my children will have connecting with others in the congregation.

How will you make Valentine's Day special for your family and those around you?

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