Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day Celebration!

How did you celebrate Valentine's Day?  Here is what we did.

First, I decorated.  I set everything up the night before.  This way, when they woke up and headed downstairs, they walked into a Valentine's Day dream!  They squealed with delight.  Sister even said, "This is beautiful!"  Warmed my VERY tired heart.

Next, I set up a treasure hunt.  The kiddos LOVE treasure hunts.


Success!  They found the treasure!  See's chocolate foil hearts and an outfit to wear on Valentine's Day!

She found it!!!  Oh, and brother just HAD to bring that hanger with him.

Cutest little Valentine in red pajamas no less!

Running with chocolate.  Smart boy!  Sister will likely try to eat his too!

 Love the "bed head."

Chocolate in the morning?!  You bet!

Made a breakfast of champions...

And packed up a LOVE-ly lunch!

Once ready for school, we grabbed the valentines for our classes and headed out.  Sister had brownie pops and brother had Goldfish crackers.

And a LOVE-ly dinner!  Mini heart pizzas anyone?  The kiddos helped add all of the toppings... and brother helped himself to whatever was added.  Who am I kidding, he also tore off pieces of the dough.  He doesn't discriminate.  He apparently couldn't wait for it to be baked.  (I am also noticing the heart cookie cutter got quite a workout!)

 Oh, and red Jello with peaches too.  We spared no expense.

 Modeling their Valentine attire at the end of the day...

And a little homemade chocolate pudding with plenty of whipped cream for dessert. We love pudding around here.

After bath and putting brother to bed, we looked at all of the class valentines.  I also got to learn about all of her friends and hear some funny/interesting stories.  Happy moment!

A closer look.

My personal favorite.  Good job, Everett's mom!

My least favorite.  This was a glitter bomb.  Inside this sweet little box was a TON of gold glitter and stickers.  Ugh.  ALL over the carpet.  No bueno.  This mom is NOT my friend right now. (Insert grumble, over the big mess and glitter in the eyes, here.)  At least Sister enjoyed the surprise.

Happy Valentine's Day!  
Hope you spent it with the ones you love.

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