Tuesday, July 15, 2014

It's Summer!

I must admit I was a little saddened at having to take down the Independence Day decor at our place.  I absolutely adore all things Americana... with Old Glory at the pinnacle of my adoration.  Heck, my wedding was on Flag Day and was decked out in red-white-and blue!!  (This is not my house but I soo wish it were!)

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As soon as the bunting, wreaths, flags and banners came down I couldn't stop staring at the emptiness.  It was as if all the cheer had left the building!  In fact, it felt a little like the day after all of the Christmas decorations are packed away.  Sad.

To fill the hole left by loss, I spent about an hour making a new banner with items found around the house.  Pulling out the Cricut, and gathering my scissors and glue, I produced a banner in the spirit of the movie Frozen.

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That's right!  As if the world isn't already on a Frozen overload (I know at the mere mention of the movie's title everyone belts out "Let it Go!" in their own heads), here is another way to continue the magic!  I mean, it IS summer... right?!

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I gave the activity an academic twist by getting my soon-to-be-five-year-old involved.  I had three colors of bright card stock and asked her to create a pattern.  Together, we came up with the orange-green-pink pattern.  She loved it, especially since I told her it was to help get her ready for kindergarten.  She can hardly wait for kindergarten.

I cut the 8 1/2 by 11 inch bright paper in half and set it aside.  Then, I cut 5-inch letters from card stock using a Cricut.  The kids and I went to Google Images and looked for pictures of Olaf we thought were cute and of good quality.  We printed two to flank our banner.  Once everything was prepped, we glued our letters and images to the bright card stock.  Finally, we punched holes in the top of the flags, laced them onto a string and hung it in our window. Oh, and pay no attention to the nails from the previous banner.

Wallah!  The house now sports a bit of seasonal cheer and we can celebrate the rest of SUMMER!!!  (Yes, I do know you are now singing that tune in your head.)

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