Thursday, July 03, 2014

ANOTHER Pinata?!!

In my last pinata post, I claimed I would likely never make another.

I caved.

The daughter turns 5 this summer and despite her endless pleas for a princess party, I convinced her to go with a farm theme.  How did I do the seemingly impossible?  First, she has many boys in her class and we felt they may not appreciate pink and sparkly the way she does.  Second, as an agricultural educator, I felt compelled to cram a little ag literacy into these kiddos before they head off to their respective kindergartens this fall.  Always teaching and advocating for the industry I love!

In order to increase my daughter's level of excitement, I gave in and told her I would make a pinata.  I am not going to go step-by-step through the process here.  Feel free to use my previous post as a reference.  Rather, I thought I would show off the form and the finished product.

Yep!  It is a chip box!!  I like the thinner cardboard because it shouldn't take as long to break into.  I reinforced all of the edges with masking tape, then added a folded piece of cardboard to serve as the roof.  I secured it to two of the box's flaps with staples and of course, more masking tape.  Then, I proceeded to cover the entire thing with red and black tissue and embellished with a couple of sets of barn doors and cute animals.

I am still considering putting straw or raffia in the barn loft.  I think it might add to the authenticity, as well as hide the mechanics used to hang this beast.  Overall, not bad!

Just a couple of weeks until it gets smashed to bits.  Until then, it will remain in my office to protect it from little hands.  :-)

See the finished, hanging product here! 

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