Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Minnie PARTY ears, anyone?!

The three-year-old wanted a Minnie Mouse themed party for her fourth birthday.  She loves party hats.  Knowing this, I wanted to make them extra special.  She NEEDED Minnie Mouse ears party hats!

Here is the process to make them:

1.  Gather the materials: party hats, paint brush, black paint, utility knife, black paper, ribbon

2.  Cut a 2-inch slit on each side of the hats, just above the slot where the elastic chin straps are attached.

3.  Paint the hats black.  It is easier to paint the base of the hats when they are placed on the tops of bottles.  Allow to dry.

4.  Cut circles out of the black paper.  This can be done by tracing a circle onto the paper (and leaving a notch to insert into the slit cut into the hat) or use the Cricut or other cutting device to cut out the circles.

5.  Insert one circle into the slits on each side of the hats.  I used shapes cut using the Cricut so I had to cut a notch into the base of the circle which I folded in each direction.  Use tape secure each ear.

6.  Embellish hats with ribbon for Minnie or leave as-is for Mickey.

7.  WEAR!

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