Monday, June 30, 2014

Celebrating the Pre-K Graduate with a Candy Lei!

My first born graduated from preschool last week.  Weeks before the event, my daughter began counting down to the big day.  She even practiced her songs and revealed all the special surprises her teachers had planned.  She was giddy!  I thought I was emotionally strong when we arrived to the school but as she filed onto the playground with her classmates and flashed a shy smile, the tears were instant.

To celebrate her big day, I made a candy lei.  What a fun, easy way to honor our special little graduate!

The process:

1.  Gather your materials:  Candy, cellophane, yarn or curly ribbon, and scissors.  Be sure to select non-chocolate options if the event is held outdoors or during warmer temperatures.

2.  Cut the cellophane slightly larger than the candy used.  Be sure to securely wrap the cellophane around the candy, leaving room to tie the ends.  The seam of the cellophane should be at the back of the wrapper.

3.  Use the yarn to tightly tie each end of the cellophane wrapper.

4.  Link individually wrapped candies by their ends.  Link them so the wrappers face the same direction, tying knots at the back.  This makes for a more attractive finished product.  Continue until the lei is the desired length, then link the two ends to close the loop and form a necklace.  Trim the ends of the yarn or curl the ends of the curling ribbon.  Add bows or other decorative embellishments between candies on the front side, if desired.

5.  Drape the necklace around the neck of the special graduate and wait for the smiles.  (Pay no attention to her hairdo.  Shortly after the ceremony, she ripped the hair bow off of her head.  Lovely.)

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