Sunday, June 29, 2014

Easy Holiday Tees

I love to make the holidays special for my family.  Crafts are huge in our house and when I can put the kiddos to work to make their own holiday attire, I do!  They are always soo proud to wear their creations.  These holiday tees are not only easy but totally adorable! 

The process.

1.  Gather the supplies.  You need a cardboard box, packing tape, image copied onto card stock, plain tee, scissors, plastic lid, new pencil with attached eraser, fabric paint, and embellishments if desired.

2.  Prep the tee.  Slip a cardboard sheet into the tee, and fold the shirt around the box, and tape to secure. 

3. Cut out the desired image from the card stock and tape securely to the front, center of the tee.  These tees were for Easter but a shamrock for St. Patrick's Day, a heart for Valentine's Day or a tree for Christmas would all be lots of fun!

4. After placing a little fabric paint into a plastic lid, let the kiddos paint around the outside of the image using the eraser end of the pencil.  Make sure the kids get paint around the entire edge of the image so it will show clearly once the image is removed.

5.  Allow tee to dry then remove the card stock image.  Send through the wash, then wear!  Add embellishments like a bow on the bunny's head or under the chin, if desired.

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